Job Interview Follow-Up Do’s and Don’ts.

do-dontThe different interviews might be over but that does not mean that you can sit back and cool your heals. The job offer letter is not going to find your address simply because you had a successful interview. You should consider the below mentioned strategies and rules as part of the job interview follow up task.

Common Job Interview Follow-Up Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Once the interview is complete you can approach the interviewer or the recruiter as to when they are likely to make the hiring decision.
  • You will need to be proactive and job interview follow-up is a strategic that you will have to practice as part of your job search process. By doing a follow-up the employers know that you are interested in the job.
  • These follow-up methods are a good way to display your enthusiasm and desire to get the job but at the same time you do not want to sound desperate to get hired.
  • You should have the correct names & titles of each person who interviewed you. (If possible then try and get a business card of all the interviewers.)
  • Another good idea to reach to the interviewers is to write an individual thank you letters or notes inside 2 business days. The matter of each letter can be similar but still some part while addressing the interviewer should have a personal touch. Even if you feel you do not stand a chance at bagging the job you must send and thank you note.
  • A typed thank you note would be more suitable as compared to a hand-written one but what more important is please do not make any grammatical errors. Also choose a mode of sending the letter which will have the letter delivered to the interviewers’ desk. It could be fax, email or snail mail.
  • Your thank you letter can contain words of appreciation towards the recruiter or interviewer for considering you amongst the candidates for the job vacancy and also add a note on why you are the most suitable person for that job.
  • Send alert messages to your references informing them that they can expect phone calls from the employer.
  • During this time before you receive a job offer confirmation its highly important that you continue in your search for a new job. If you have given an interview elsewhere and receive a job offer confirmation letter then you would have to take a final call.
  • In case the hiring process is taking longer than expected then you need to be patient.
  • If the employer tells you that they have you in mind and ask you to call back in a few days or a week’s time then you should follow up accordingly. Call only when they have asked you to, do not be a drag and annoy the employer.
  • What you need to have in mind is that there are always opportunities for the right person, instead of fretting that you did not get the job concentrate on improving on the points that probably cost you the job. The organization is looking for competent candidate to fill the job, they are looking for people who can multi task and perform under pressure circumstances. How you respond to adverse situation is also counted as is your experience, skill and abilities. In case you are lacking in any field then it’s time that you address your own shortcomings and then prepare to apply for the job you want for yourself.

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