How to tackle nervousness before entering the exam room?

exam-nervousnessOn any exam day, we often see varied behavior in students standing outside the exam room. Some are sitting huddled in some corner with their small pieces of paper notes; some are discussing some points/facts in their own small groups; some are posing as if there’s nothing special today; while some are just bullying others.

How to tackle nervousness:

Well, none can ever say what is the level of preparation with each of the students appearing for the exam and how one should behave. You are free to act the way you feel comfortable.

The point is just to control your emotions before the exam, feel confident and just feel at ease. Remember the exams are not some kind of imprisonment; they are a part of just a routine, much like your studies. You may keep all your books closed, not re look or revise from any tiny paper notes, if you feel. But if you feel like going through the notes in last minute, fine, go ahead; just manage everything well. Don’t act nervous; you may not be feeling nervous but acting so can make you feel so. So manage with your essentials well before hand with planning. Do not start searching for your pen, roll number, identity card in the morning just before you have to leave for the exam. You need to be a bit planned. All these things need to be done the previous night. A little planning helps every time and everywhere.

Do not think negative!

Remember negative thinking is much much more dangerous than any negative happening. So do not jump into a problem even before it actually happens. Do not victimize yourself with thoughts like, ‘Oh, what will happen if i don’t know any of the questions?’. Or as they say, fear of fear is more catastrophic. Face the situation with confidence and a proper plan. Use your exam time wisely. Start with the question you know in and out and move further. It is better to fill your personal details in the answer sheet before starting with your answers as in the end you may tend to miss on the personal details or enter anything incorrect. So why take a chance at all ? Most of the times we know about the general rules applicable for the exam we are appearing for but still it is always wise to glance through them before jumping on the answer sheet. Remember to be the good yourself in your natural calm and resist any negative thoughts.

All the best!!!


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